Once lockdown ends, I will be able to get back into the workshop. I will be making a range of memorial pieces using my Grandmother's ashes for my family, I will then photograph these to use as the example photographs for my memorial range. The photos I have used currently are to help you get a rough idea of what the piece may look like.

This listing is for a pocket pebble memorial. You can select your preferred colour  from the drop-down menu, if you do not see the colours you would like please email me and I will source those colours for you (jessdavidsglass@gmail.com). Only one colour can be added to this piece due to the size. The piece will be approximately 4cm in diameter due to the process in which they are made exact dimensions will vary from piece to piece. 

Once I receive your loved one's ashes, I will lay your chosen colour out and apply it to one side of the glass. Then I will apply the ashes to the opposite side of the glass before reheating the glass to ensure that the ashes fully bind to it. I then hang the glass down and use gravity to create the swirls within the piece. I then coat this in another layer of glass to ensure that the ashes are fully encapsulated. I then manipulate the piece into a rough pebble shape before putting it in the annealer to slowly cool down over night. 

Your memorial piece will then be sent to you alongside any remaining ashes.

Pocket Pebble Memorial