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Jess Davids is a designer-maker, specialising in glassblowing, based in South Manchester. She graduated from De Montfort University studying BA(Hons) Design Crafts in 2018 and has been working with glass for 5 years.

She first saw glassblowing at the age of 7 on Isle of Wight on a family holiday. Mesmerised by the process, glassblowing has always stuck in her mind. When looking at what to study at University, she stumbled across a course which included glassblowing amongst other 3D art forms. 

Often inspired by travelling and the natural world, her work combines glassblowing techniques to create unique designs. She is drawn to the transparent quality of glass and focuses as much on the reflections created when light hits a piece as much as the design on the piece itself. 

Check out the Stockist/Exhibitions tab at the bottom of the page to see where you can buy Jess' work in person. 

Please feel free to message Jess at to discuss commissions at Jess also does a range of memorial pieces starting from £40.

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