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Obsessed with Mushrooms or know someone who is?

This gorgeous handsculpted glass Mushroom would be the perfect addition to any home.

Hand pulled stem with the colour cap dropped over the top.

Approximately 12cm tall by 9cm wide.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, exact measurements will vary from piece to piece. The item you will receive will differ slightly from the image.

Household glass cleaner can be used to clean your Mushroom. But make sure you use a fresh cloth to avoid scatching it.

Scared your Mushroom will arrive broken? Don't worry, on the rare occasion this happens I will send you out a free replacement.

The safe delivery of the glass is the most important thing for me, so forgive me when I prioritise bubble wrap over pretty packaging.

I am constantly thinking about the environmental impact that my business has and try to reuse things where possible, so there is a high chance your Mushroom will arrive in a box that has already been used.


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